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  1. Hello Joseph,

    I have enjoyed your music ever since I came across your website last year! In the time following, I have periodically checked in curious about any new compositions. To my pleasure, “Luna” came to the forefront. I am currently student teaching at a middle school in southern New Hampshire, Jaffrey-Rindge Middle School. We will be performing “Luna” on April 13th. Your compositions are beautiful and all my students have fallen in love with this piece. Thank you for your music!

    Kevin Lackie
    JRMS Music

  2. I have performed your piece “the water …. like glass” three times in worship services at Plymouth Congregational Church in downtown Syracuse. We have done it both a Capella, and with the organ softly doubling the voice parts. This Sunday, I will do it as an organ solo. It’s a lovely, meditative piece.

    1. Thanks for letting me know, Joseph! I am so glad you like that one and it serves you well. If you ever record anything of mine, please send me a copy.

  3. Dear Mr Stephens,

    tonight we performed your great “Ubi Caritas” during Maundy Thursday church service at catholic church of St. Peter, Badenweiler/Germany (located close to Swiss and French border). Our ad-hoc choir, consiting mainly of cantors, loved the piece, and singers told me, they couldn’t get it off their mind after rehersals! Thank you for this lovely piece of music!
    As it was performed during regular church service, there will unfortunately be no recording.

    Warm greetings from the edge of Black Forest!
    Stefan Wetzel, conductor

    1. Thank you so much, Stefan. Tell your church and choir that I am honored and humbled to be included in your Maundy Thursday Service.
      May God bless you all.

      Warm Greetings to you from the Pine Forests of South Arkansas!

  4. Coro Semicírculo from Madrid, Spain, are performing your Ubi Caritas in our 2014’s sacred concerts. The response of the audience has been great, and the choir enjoy very much singing it.
    I am planning to include other pieces from you shortly.
    I really like your music
    José Mena Polo, conductor

    1. Thanks Jose! Great to hear from you. Thank you for performing my music. I hope to have more new music soon.

      Joseph Gentry Stephens

  5. We have performed some Recordare, Alleluia, Create In Me A Clean Heart and Ubi Caritas. All are great and made us happy. That is the most important. Happy.
    and now I offer all of my friend to prepare another performance of Requiem You have walked, One Church One Faith One Lord and others.
    Thanks for those great arrangements.

      1. Dear admin,

        I come from Jakarta. Our choir name is Gema Seraphim. We sang your arrangements for some mass in our church.

  6. Our choir, the “Willebrord Ensemble” from Zoutelande in The Netherlands will be performing both “Rain” and “Alleluia” in a concert in Zoutelande on Wednesday, May 30th. We very much enjoy these pieces and hope to explore more of your repertoire in the future.

    1. Great to hear!! Please send me a program and recording if you get one. Thanks for your continued support of my music!

  7. We are performing “Ubi Caritas” on our upcoming concert on Saturday, April 21. I can send you a program as a pdf once it is finished; not sure about the recording, as historically our recording quality has been not great. (We are at the mercy of our concert site hosts and do not have the luxury of sound checks, good mic placement, etc. Frustrating, but we get to sing in a good space for free, so I can deal.)

    Thanks — it’s a lovely piece.
    Suzanne Hatcher, conductor/artistic director, Northland Community Choir (Parkville, MO)

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